Renovation Rubbish Removal Success Story in Geelong

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Renovation Rubbish Removal in Geelong

Today will go over a renovation rubbish removal job that we recently did for Joe in Lara

We collected 6 cubic meters of waste from the building site.

Everything starts with a phone call. Joe called us on Tuesday evening to ask more about our service, he asked if we can remove construction waste and building site rubbish. The answer as you can probably guess was-Yes! Of course, we do :) We talked a little bit more about our rates. Joe mentioned that he needs to get it done ASAP and he asked if we can organise it for the following morning. Again as you probably guessed the answer was- Yes! Geelong rubbish removal service is always keen to serve to the best of our ability and when a client asks for rubbish removal to happen ASAP we are coming!

Joe mentioned on the phone that the owner come to visit and want the site to be more presentable, he also mentioned that there is a bin/ cage full of rubbish and junk and that some of the neighbours throw their rubbish in there.

We arrived at the site the following morning and removed the temporary fence to make easy access to the rubbish cage with the renovation rubbish and all the building waste. (See photos of the rubbish cage)

Cage Bin for renovation rubbish
Renovation Rubbish
Renovation rubbish in a garden
Rennovation Rubbish

The majority of the rubbish was inside the cage, however as you all can see some rubbish spells out side of it. One more important thing to note is the fact that the site building rubbish cage was very close to street. Being so close made the neighbours trowing theirs  rubbish into the building site bin, the type of rubbish the neighbours trow was obesely not building waste or renovation rubbish it was general  waste, food waste, household rubbish and yes even doog poo 💩. Mix rubbish is harder to recycle and it's also cost more to remove also to builder need to pay for extra volume to be removed.

In Geelong Rubbish Removal Service we guarantee 100% client satisfaction and we strive to excellence! We removed all the rubbish within 45 minutes and we have made the site perfectly presentable! Here are some pictures:

Garden cleaned from Rubbish by our company
Renovation Rubbish Removal Success Story

Key take away for manning waste in building sites:

  • Using Bin with complete walls not cage to prevent rubbish going out of the cage.
  • Don't over load the cage and start piles near the bin/ cage- use rubbish removal service before to avoid bigger mass.
  • Better be early  then late
  • Sort the rubbish based on material types. (Timber, plasterboard, metal, etc)

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Renovation Rubbish Removal in Geelong

Renovation Rubbish Removal Success Story in Geelong

Today will go over a renovation rubbish removal Job that we recently did for Joe in Lara We collected 6 cubic meters of waste from the...

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