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Terms and Conditions of Service                 

Acceptance of an Invoice, booking or service from Yoav Tevet is acceptance of the below Terms Conditions.

Terms Conditions

Yoav Tevet Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations are permitted at no charge if cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled booking date and time. 

For cancellations made within 24 hours of your booking date and prior to the commencement of the service or upon arrival of our service team, Yoav Tevet reserves its right to charge a cancellation fee of $399. This cancellation service fee is charged at the discretion of the Yoav Tevet team.

Cancellations and unloading of Junk after Yoav Tevet has commenced any of their services are permitted but are subject to a cancellation fee of $499.

Any questions regarding this cancellation policy can be directed to 


Payment Policy

All payments are to be made once the Yoav Tevet Junk removal service is completed. Payments are to be via cash, debit or credit cards directed by the Yoav Tevet team.

Invoices are subject to the discretion of Junk Group Pty Ltd and they are to be paid the same day as the invoice date of issue. Payment remittance is to be sent to info@geelongrubbishservice.com.au. Late payment fees apply. Late payment fees are as follows - $50 per 7 days from the date of issue of the invoice. 

If the invoice remains unpaid from the invoice date then this invoice will be sent to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a tribunal hearing to determine the claim and outstanding amount. . If a VCAT claim is required then an administration fee of $199 will apply plus the addition to any VCAT fees. and late payment fees as stated above.

GST:All prices are GST exclusive

In the Terms and Conditions detailed below; the words supplier and client will have the following definitive meaning:

Supplier: refers to Geelongrubbishservice.com.au (Yoav Tevet) as being the service provider.

Client / Customer: refers to the person(s) or company named on the booking / delivery docket responsible for hiring Yoav Tevet (Geelong Rubbish Removal Service).  If the client comprises of more than one person; written expression will include each of them jointly and severally.

Household JUNK: refers to household items such as whitegoods, furnishings and domestic electrical equipment. This includes but is not limited to clothing, electronics, bedding, cardboard, timber goods, kitchenware and bathroom items. 

Industrial JUNK: Refers to bulky or heavy-duty items typical of commercial worksites. This includes but is not limited to bricks, dirt, clay, tiles, plaster, heavy timbers and other materials relating to renovating, building or excavating.

Cubic Metre: refers to a volume of area of JUNK being equivalent in size to 1m (H) x 1m (W) x 1m (D). For example, a standard 6 x 4 trailer (water level) is equivalent to 0.5 cubic metres.

Hazardous Materials:  refers to materials that cannot be collected or disposed of through our JUNK services such as paints, pesticides, chemicals, oils and fuels, cleaning or polishing chemicals, asbestos, explosive substances or toxic waste. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. Quotation of service required and vehicle provided is an estimate only and is solely based upon the verbal descriptions provided by the client of the volume of Junk to be collected, or, where available, from the photos provided to us.  Any additional volumes of JUNK to be collected outside of the quoted amount will incur additional charges at the rates specified below based on classification of JUNK collected. 
  2. The additional service charges for JUNK collections above the quoted service apply at the rate of $100 per cubic metre for Household Junk and $250 per cubic metre for Industrial JUNK. Household and Industrial JUNK is as determined on site in accordance with our definitions of Household and Industrial JUNK contained above. Where your additional JUNK is a  combination of Household and Industrial, the applicable rate is determined by whichever category of JUNK makes up 75% or greater of the additional JUNK collected.
  3. Full payment is required prior to the JUNK service being provided. The client agrees to pay for additional volumes required whilst the service is being completed and prior to the service being completed.
  4. The client agrees that the JUNK collected by the supplier does not contain any items considered to be hazardous materials, either defined in this agreement or under applicable local, state or federal laws.  A more detailed definition of hazardous materials or contamination can be found by reviewing applicable Federal and State Government regulations.
  5. It is absolutely prohibited to include any type of asbestos materials as part of the service – no exceptions.
  6. Additional charges will be paid by the client to the supplier for the safe and legal disposal of items deemed by Yoav Tevet to be prohibited waste materials should these be concealed or otherwise inadvertently collected by the supplier.  The additional charges levied compensate the supplier for the additional cost of disposal of the contaminated contents, the clean up and/or relevant decontamination of the supplier premises or vehicles.
  7. On the nominated collection day, the client agrees to arrange unobstructed access to the JUNK for collection. If access is obstructed and the driver is unable to load the JUNK onto his truck the client will receive notification via phone, text or email as applicable. The driver will then make one more attempt to load the rubbish into his truck. Any additional attempts will incur extra charges which will be payable by the client to the supplier. The client agrees that any obstructions to access resulting in delays incur a charge of $110 per hour for any recollection attempts made by the supplier. 
  8. It is the responsibility of the client to determine the suitability of the chosen area for JUNK collection. It must be suitable for the location of the JUNK Vehicle, have clear easy access for drop off and pick up, be clear of overhead power lines and cables and be able to bear the weight of the fully-loaded vehicle transporting the rubbish. The client is responsible for ensuring that the location complies with all local laws and does not create hazard for pedestrians or road users. It is the responsibility of the client to organise any permits applicable to the collection of the JUNK.
  9. If access to load the JUNK vehicle(s) is greater than 20 metres in distance from the JUNK pickup point, additional surcharges will apply at a rate of $40 per cubic metre.
    If access is greater than 20 metres in distance from the JUNK pickup point, and is not on ground level, requires access via lift or stairs, additional surcharges will apply at a rate of $50 per cubic metre.
  10. In respect of any additional fees or charges levied by the Supplier, the supplier will notify the client of any changes to the booking quotation via text, phone or email, including but not limited to changes to the size/type of vehicle required, number of vehicles provided, quantity of JUNK to be collected, frequency of trips needed to complete the service, type of waste and time and date of collection.
  11. Terms of service strictly require payment prior to arrival unless a commercial account has been established prior to the service.  Commercial accounts are available to ABN holders only for clients with long term service requirements and are subject to approval, including verification of account and third-party credit checks. 
  12. For any additional charges incurred on the day of booking, such as additional JUNK collection fees or access fees, payment is required on the day of service prior to departure from the collection site. Payments can be made direct to our office via credit card. 
  13. In the event that the supplier has not been paid in full (and no payment arrangements have been made) after a reasonable amount of time: the client agrees that the supplier can dump a similar amount of rubbish to what was originally collected back to the client’s site address without notification.
  14. For clients with a pre-arranged credit account: The client may choose to terminate their booking if they no longer require their JUNK collection. The client must give written notice to the supplier prior to the intended termination date; but only once the payments of any outstanding amounts owing to the supplier have been paid in full by the client.
  15. Any client accounts exceeding the agreed trading terms by greater than 30 days are subject to a late payment fee. Late payments fees are levied at the rate of 5% of the total invoice amount for accounts greater than 30 days late. Accounts exceeding 60 days and remaining unpaid are subject to debt collection action. The supplier reserves their right to provide details of the client account to third-party agencies for recovery action.  Clients with commercial accounts exceeding the 30 day trading terms shall be placed on hold and unable to book or receive services until payment is brought under terms.
  16. All credit card payments may incur an extra surcharge of up to 3%. Charges are as levied by the third-party payment provider nominated by the supplier and are subject to change.
  17. By accepting the booking and paying for the JUNK service the client hereby agrees to indemnify the supplier against all possible damages, claims and lawsuits relating to the engaging of JUNK.com.au. This includes but is not limited to claims for loss of income, personal injury, environmental damage or property damage. 
  18. By signing our dockets for works completed you agree that in the event a payment for works completed is not received you agree to allowing a Caveat to be placed over the property to protect the payment for the works completed. 
  19. The Supplier shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury of death arising either directly or indirectly from the performance of its employees or franchisees.
  20. Your booking, payment and acceptance of JUNK service is an implied acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions. Our terms and conditions are subject to change, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have read and acknowledged the terms as displayed at www.geelongrubbishservicecom.au prior to proceeding. 
  21. All booking methods include but are not limited to phone calls, email, website form. made by the customer are considered as the customer agrees with our terms and condition present in this document.



Under no circumstances will Yoav Tevet be held liable for any financial losses or damages incurred by the reliance upon the information contained on this website.

We bear no liability for the accuracy or reliability of any information it contains nor do we assume any responsibility for errors or omissions of the information provided. This information should be considered as advice only.

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