1,100 Happy clients in 2022

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Geelong Rubbish Removal Service served over 1,100 happy clients in Geelong and the surrounding area.

We wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support.

In today's post, we would like to showcase a small portion of the different jobs we have done. They say 1 picture is worth 1,000 words so we are going to present before and after photos from different sites and different rubbish types. From small junk removal or quick trash pick up to large garage clean-out and building waste removal Commercial and residential, we did it all and we will continue to do the exact same for years to come.

We also have a new moto-Come, load, clean and go...repeat

Ok, Let's Go!

Happy Client number 1 - Herne Hill Junk removal

As you can see here we helped Jan to clean out her driveway and the entrance to her Garage. household rubbish and general waste including some very large items. All rubbish was taken away within 1 hour!

Jan is a repeat customer of Geelong rubbish removal and we are glad to serve her time and time again

Geelong Rubbish Removal Truck
Loading Geelong Rubbish Removal Truck

Junk Removal done right!  💪 🚛 ✅

Happy Client number 2 - Armstrong creek rubbish removal  cardboard and packing removal

David called us and asked for same-day rubbish removal. He and his family just moved to this new house and they needed some help with removing all the packaging mainly cardboard boxes and some plastics. We arrived within 2 hours of his call and removed all the junk and rubbish from his site in a timely manner.

We managed to recycle %98 of the rubbish from this load!

Clean Out Office room
Hoarder Clean Out

Fast trash pickup! In Geelong rubbish removal service we do it with a smile 😃 ✅♻️

Happy Client number 3 - Clifton Springs, rubbish removal Timber from decking

Ozgud contacts us via our free online quote option.

We provided him with an estimated price and we worked out a suitable date to come to complete the rubbish removal job in the same week as he requested.

4 cubic meter of timber was removed safely within 35 minutes by our professional team

Wood Removal
Cleaned garden waste area

Another one done ✅ Rubbish removal the right way! 💪

Happy Client number 4 - Building waste in Portarlington

Here we helped Joe with rubbish removal from his building site.

Our team arrived on time at the site and load all the rubbish.

We removed light constructions waste as well as heavy building waste such as rubble, plasterboard, concrete and timber

Rubbish pile
Cleaning dumping place

In Geelong rubbish removal service nothing is too big or too small, we literally DO IT ALL!

Happy Client number 5 - Garage clean-out  in Belmont

Paul called us and ask for rubbish removal and general junk removal from his garage.

He described the type of rubbish he has and ask to have the rubbish removed ASAP so we arrived at the site within 2 hours. Paul wasn't sure if we can take everything because it was all mixed rubbish. the garage was full of green waste, household rubbish, building waste and more. The garage was spotless within 1 hour and 30 minutes

I would like to share Paul's review:

"Yoav was professional, courteous, and friendly. He arrived on time, and worked quickly and efficiently, offering value-adding options along the way that made the experience even more beneficial. What would have been multiple rubbish disposals (with separate businesses) ended up all being done within a couple of hours by Yoav. Will definitely be using Geelong Rubbish Removal Service again, and highly recommend to everyone"

Commercial Rubbish Removal
Rubbish Removal Done in Commercial area

Garage clean-out and junk removal done right!

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Thanks for reading,


Operation Director

Geelong Rubbish Removal Service

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Geelong Rubbish Service Truck

1,100 Happy clients in 2022

Geelong Rubbish Removal Service served over 1,100 clients in Geelong and the surrounding area. We wanted to thank you all for your...

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