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What to do with my green waste?!

My bin isn’t big enough to fit all my tree cutting- This is a very common question that we are often hear from our costumer so in today posts we going to give some tips and advise on what to do with your green  waste/ garden waste.

Garden Rubbish Removal Geelong, surrounding areas
Green waste rubbish

We are lucky here in Australia, the grass is green and trees are growing, however this does require constant attention and maintenance.

Cutting trees 🌲 and garden waste it something that we need to deal with on a regular basis. Normally the green bin is enough but when we do a big cleanup or tree pruning we need different solution to get rid of our green waste and and the trees brunches and cutting.

The volume is often much bigger then the 250L green bin one tree can easily be 4-6 cubic meter one it cutes down. One option is to cut it into small pieces (it's always recommended and can save space and money in any removing method- it's easier to load and stuck) after it cuts down you can pile the green waste on the side and fill your green bin over time. This will be the cheapest option available for you. The downside is it can take a long time (several weeks) and the green waste will stay in your garden attracting unwanted past and animal and often your pile will attract more waste.If you are living in rural area you can pile everything in pile let it dry and after checking the fire restriction within your local area you can do a big bonfire 🔥 (In the city unfortunately it doesn't work).

Second option is to hire mulching machine and put all your branches trough you can then use the mulch in your garden or load the mulch into a trailer or a truck and take to tip. The benefits are that you reduce the volume a lot! this can save money when taking green waste to the local tip/ transfer station. Another benefit is that you can reuse ♻️ your material and minimise your waste and your carbon impact. The downside is the cost and the availability of this type of machines. mulching machines are expansive to run and to hire and often have a long lead time.

Your 3rd option is to hire a skip bin- simply workout the size you need get your chainsaw ready and load the bin with your green waste at your own paste this is an easy and efficient way to get rid of a big pile in one go. The downside is you need to load and cut yourself if you like D.I.Y projects that is a great option for you.

The last option is to call a rubbish removal company to do it all for including the cutting loading and disposing this likely to be the easiest way to get rid of the your green waste regardless the size, shape, weight and volume. This might be more expensive then do it yourself however it's probably cheaper than skip bin.

Green Waste Removal in Geelong
Green Rubbish
Garden Rubbish removed by Geelong Rubbish Removal Service
Green waste rubbish removed

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